Beam Me Up


Falling for someone who doesn't care for you is like letting yourself be abducted by aliens.

Hold on, stay with me...


Falling for someone who doesn't care for you is like letting yourself be abducted by aliens WHOSE SHIP DOESN'T EVEN WORK THAT WELL. 

Here you are, standing out in this field somewhere, waiting to be beamed up by some big ship... but instead of that beam you've heard about, it's just this flickering light that's off more than it is on. 

But you continue to stand there, letting it lift you up. You're rising towards this ship pretty darn slow. But you're still rising, right?

Then you stop. You're suspended, halfway mid-air, and the light shuts off. You're thrown back to the ground and abandoned for some other planet.

Fuck, that harsh landing hurts your butt. Suddenly, the pain in your rear reminds you of those other ships you thought would take you away someplace. This shit has happened before. And ya realize... you've been pretty reckless. 

What if you keep doing this, could it be possible that eventually... instead of falling on your ass you fall wrong and break your neck?

As your butt bruises, you begin to think... maybe a flicker of light from some half ass alien isn't enough. 

Falling in love should be like boarding a damn spacecraft that's been preparing for you for decades - custom fuckin built. Their beam better be so bright you can barely open your eyes, so strong you could travel at light speed and feel safe. 
Better yet, those aliens could come down to you too, wanting to learn and adapt to your natural habitat. Lovin your planet up and makin it their own. 

So go on, put on your fucking aluminum hat and protect yourself from those extraterrestrials. 

Or at least allow yourself to be taken by one who's willing to go boldly where no man has gone before. 👽